Our Flock

Icelandic Sheep! We love them. They are so versatile. Truly a triple-purpose sheep, we are able to harvest milk, fiber and meat from our lovely fuzzy butts. They come with or without handles (horns), and in so many beautiful colors and patterns.



These boys grow so quickly! We don’t keep the ramlings on our farm as we like to select our rams for breeding from our Ram Pen. These guys move on to hang out with ladies from other farms or head down to Billings to visit freezer camp. They grow so quickly and their horns and fleeces are something to behold.

The Ewes

The ewes are the hard workers on our farm. They keep us in milk, fiber and lambs. We breed for structure and cull those gals who don’t toe the mark. 2018 was a great lambing year, only 5 assists for 130 ewes. We haven’t had to worm our flock since we purchased them, they eat Sanfoin hay, weeds, sagebrush and trees which are all natural wormers.


Purchasing sheep

We sell sheep for eating and for starting your own herd. Our prices are very affordable and you can come and pick your new best friend (or your dinner) if you would like. We can deliver to your butcher or your back yard!

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