The Family Farm

A Series of Happy Accidents.

How does a family start to farm? It starts with a the family.  Heather and Becky married guys who were up for anything. We gave them subscriptions to a magazine about sustainable living for Christmas years ago, then we upgraded to the permaculture section in the book store. We got pigs to raise for our own consumption. Then some chickens.  Then some died and we decide that farming wasn't for us.  But, we couldn't get it out of our minds.  We lived in town, so we didn't have a lot of options. Then, all of a sudden, we moved out of town to 160 acres. A little while later, we are managing a herd of 130 Icelandic ewes, have livestock guardian dogs, a herd of pigs, a varying amount of chickens and a high tunnel greenhouse. So amazing!

The Property

At the center of the dream is this amazing 163 acre property which has been held in the family since it was purchased by Charles David Fox from Frank Wyrouck in the 1940s. Frank had acquired it from the homesteaders Lincoln and Joseph Moffet – the spring that originates on the property is still known as Moffet Spring today.  Heather and Rebecca’s father, Richard, purchased the property in 1991 from his uncle, Frank Fox who was son of Charles David Fox.  Family lore says that the south side of the creek was hayed and the north side was planted in potatoes. No one has resided on the property since Charles David Fox left in 1960. The old log cabin is still standing in a grove of aspen trees on the bank of the creek.  A fire tore through the property in 1998 – clearing sagebrush and forest from the south half of the property. The Dale family background leans heavily toward mining.  The property lies on the foothills of the Tobacco Root Mountain range, home to many patented mining claims.

The Family

One father, one mother, three daughters and the rest is history.  We are now the Dales, the Pucketts, the Georges and the Larsens.  We all bring individual talents and expertise to the operation. Even the kids get into the mix!

We are located in the beautiful Ruby Valley, 9 miles northeast of Twin Bridges. We love our little town and its many amenities.  With a quality school system, a stable infrastructure and many tourism opportunities, we love to work and play in our valley.

The Community